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What is the website?
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Author:  merehan [ Jul 14, 2021 - 11:15 AM ]
Post subject:  What is the website?

What is a website?
A website is defined as a set of files and related resources that can be accessed across the World Wide Web, where these files and resources are organized and collected under one domain name. Between documents, images, text, and other types of files

The name of the Site does not imply that it is located in a particular physical location; Where the website resides on what are known as web servers that are actually spread in different locations of the world, and the website can consist of a file (HTML) or thousands of related files

The website is accessed over the Internet using one of the web browsers available on the user's device, where he enters the URL address of the site within the browser address bar to go to it

In the event that you do not know the address (URL) of a particular site; It is possible to search for this site using one of the search engines on the Internet, and it should be noted that the websites are owned by individuals, companies, or certain institutions, as well as managed by those entities.

History of websites
The history of the emergence of the first website in the world dates back to August 6, 1991, when British physicist Tim Berners-Lee launched the website (info.cern.ch) during his development of the World Wide Web. Which is the basis for the emergence of the Web

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), as well as what are known as web addresses (URLs), and it is worth noting that all of these technologies were developed using the Next computer that was developed by Steve Jobs

The difference between a website and a web page
There is a difference between a website and what is known as a web page, as websites include a group of different web pages that are interconnected with each other and that come together under one domain name, which is the domain name of the website.

The web pages within the website are accessed through hyperlinks located across the site, and all the web pages across a particular site contain files related to the same site, and web pages can use a single name that brings them all together, but those pages must be present in Different documents have different URLs

Website components
Most websites include some major components, although there are no binding rules for those websites to determine what the website should contain. Here are some of the main components that are found in most websites on the Internet:

Homepage: English: (English: Homepage); It is the home page of the website; Through which all other pages are accessed.

Hyperlinks: English: Hyperlinks; They are links that move from one page to another across the site by clicking on them. Navigation Bar: It is a bar that usually appears on all pages across the site, through which it is possible to quickly navigate through the screen of a particular page.

footer: It is a part that is usually located at the bottom of every web page on the site, and this part contains information about the site; Such as the privacy policy, disclaimer, contact addresses of the site founders, the actual address of the company, and sometimes this part includes some external links that point to similar sites and external resources on the Internet.

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Post subject:  Re: What is the website?

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