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PostPosted: Apr 09, 2021 - 08:54 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~

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Factors for the success or failure of small projects
The ambition to establish a small project that provides different products or services and has a wide marketing ground remains the first step for the success factors of any project, in contrast, there are many small projects that fail after a period of their establishment, and the reason for this failure is often attributed to the lack of experience and lack of their owners. To the methods of management and marketing, therefore; You should be fully aware of the factors that lead to the failure of small projects before you follow the steps of success, so that you can avoid losing greatly, and try to change some of the things that can save your small project.

There is no doubt that the factors for success or failure of small projects are many and different and not fixed. As these factors differ based on the nature and quality of the business activity, the amount of its audience, and other divisions that make inventory count impossible, but in this article we will try to address the most prominent success or failure factors for small projects so that you are aware of them before starting your own project. فتح سجل تجاري في الامارات

First: the success factors for small projects
It goes without saying that one of the most important secrets of the success of small projects is familiarity with all aspects related to the project that you will choose and advance to implement, in addition to controlling material capabilities through a technical study that gives you the correct direction for success in the project, it is not easy to enter into any project and you do not know anything About his secrets and his necessary information. تكاليف انشاء شركة في دبي

- Good planning for the small project
The planning stage is the first and most important of all the first stages of the beginning or implementation of the project, good planning is the key to a successful project, as we often notice that there are some entrepreneurs who are setting up a small business and are satisfied with the advice of a friend or reading an economic report or watching a commercial advertisement on a channel Television, which ultimately leads to the failure of the project after its implementation, and this is due to a lack of experience and a lack of good planning for the implementation and management of the project; Therefore, you should think carefully and draw a detailed and accurate business plan for the next ten years to implement and manage your small project.

Factors for the success or failure of small projects

Quality of the product or service
Clients always look for high quality in goods and products that they pay large sums to purchase, and quality is the measure of success or failure of small projects, and the extent of the product's market strength among customers; This is why many people care when buying any product with the quality of the product, whether it is high or low; Where product quality is the first step in the marketing ladder, and it is always remembered that a good product is marketed by the public voluntarily without the need for the entrepreneur to market it in traditional ways.

- Search for destinations to provide support
In the beginning, and before researching the options available to support your small project, it is imperative to prepare well for this step, and for this preparation to take the form of an in-depth and thorough study of the project and study its feasibility, how it will be, the objectives of it, and what services or products it will provide?

Certainly, any small project needs supportive bodies to provide it with help, and these bodies may be a family member, friend, or someone who can be trusted, and if you do not find an experienced person who shares your enthusiasm in starting the project, resort to the office of one of the specialized associations to provide instructions to the pioneers. Business, and there you will find specialists to discuss with you the feasibility of your project and ways to support it. مشاريع مربحة ومضمونة في الامارات

Respect for the audience or clients
It is very important that you fulfill the rights of clients or the public, and customer service is the tongue and the heart of the project; Where the entrepreneur must instill the principle of respect for the customer from the first day of launching his small business; So that customer satisfaction is part of the project's mission.

Product development to increase competitiveness
The continuity of small enterprises requires a permanent development of the product in order for the small enterprise to be competitive, so it is not possible to increase the demand for the products provided by the project if it is not in line with market changes and customer needs.

Second: The reasons for the failure of small projects
- bad management
Poor management is considered one of the most important reasons for the failure of small projects, as management is always the one that moves everything inside small projects, and mismanagement may consist in not responding to requests and questions, forgetting employees, assigning the same task to different employees, taking special privileges for some employees, and not listening by Manager, and not paying attention to warnings, especially when the employee is loaded with tasks that are beyond his or her ability to work

هيكل الأعمال والإدارة
هنا ، ستدرج الهيكل القانوني لنشاطك التجاري - مثل الملكية الفردية أو الشراكة أو الشركة - بالإضافة إلى الموظفين الرئيسيين أو المديرين أو غيرهم من مالكي النشاط التجاري. يجب أن تتضمن أيضًا النسبة المئوية للملكية التي يمتلكها كل مالك ومدى مشاركة كل مالك في الشركة.

المنتجات والخدمات
في هذا القسم ، يمكنك تفصيل المنتجات أو الخدمات التي تقدمها أو تخطط لتقديمها. يجب أن تتضمن ما يلي:

شرح لكيفية عمل منتجك أو خدمتك

نموذج التسعير لمنتجك أو خدمتك

العملاء النموذجيون الذين تخدمهم

استراتيجية المبيعات والتوزيع الخاصة بك

لماذا يعتبر منتجك أو خدمتك أفضل مما تقدمه المنافسة

كيف تخطط لملء الطلبات

يمكنك أيضًا مناقشة العلامات التجارية الحالية أو المعلقة وبراءات الاختراع المرتبطة بمنتجك أو خدمتك.

خطة التسويق والمبيعات
هذا مجرد شرح لماهية إستراتيجيتك التسويقية وكيف ستنفذها. هنا ، يمكنك تحديد كيفية التخطيط لإقناع العملاء بشراء منتجاتك أو خدماتك ، أو كيفية تطوير ولاء العملاء الذي سيؤدي إلى تكرار الأعمال. يمكن لهذا القسم أيضًا تسليط الضوء على نقاط القوة في عملك والتركيز على ما يميز عملك عن منافسيك.

التحليل المالي للأعمال
إذا كنت شركة ناشئة ، فقد لا يكون لديك الكثير من المعلومات حول البيانات المالية لنشاطك التجاري حتى الآن. ومع ذلك ، إذا كنت شركة قائمة تسعى للحصول على قروض تجارية صغيرة ، فستحتاج إلى تضمين بيانات الدخل أو الأرباح والخسائر ، والميزانية العمومية التي تسرد أصولك وديونك ، وبيان التدفق النقدي الذي يوضح كيف يأتي النقد يدخل ويخرج من الشركة.

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