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PostPosted: Apr 02, 2021 - 05:00 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~

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Steam uses in household cleaning
Steam cleaning means relying on a set of machines and devices designed to release steam loaded with cleaning agents at a very high temperature that will help eliminate the most difficult stains and dirt stuck in various furnishings, whether curtains, carpet, carpets or boards, and it is mentioned that steam cleaning helps to get The required cleaning is easy, fast, and without negatively affecting the material of which the items being cleaned with steam machines are made.

Easy home cleaning methods
Cleaning the house is considered very stressful for all women, and therefore; We offer you an easy and fast way through which you can completely clean the house in a short time, as follows:

Dust and dirt removal: where the use of vacuum cleaners first to get rid of dust particles and dirt suspended in all parts of the house and various pieces of furniture.
Spraying the house with sterile water: This is followed by the use of water with added sterilization materials available, or salt, and the use of a spray spray and spraying water in all parts of the house and in the air as well, in order to get rid of dust particles stuck in the air.
Changing the mattresses: Then a process of changing the furnishings such as bedding, pillows and other changeable mattresses is done in the home.
Use of detergents: After that, liquid detergents or detergents are added to water and put them on most parts of the house and leave them for a sufficient period of time so that they interact with stains and dirt and eliminate them and are easy to clean later.
Arrangement of furniture: Then the furniture is arranged in a correct and organized manner, and the work of moving any piece of furniture from one place to another in the house is eliminated during this step.
Polishing of glass surfaces: Here, polishing is performed on glass surfaces, windows, doors, fences, marble and any other parts that can be washed off. شركة تنظيف بالرياض
Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom: One of the most important steps in cleaning the house is to remove food residues and clean kitchen cabinets, appliances, floors, sinks, walls, and others, and sterilize them using sterile materials and safe bleach.
Floor cleaning: Here the floors remain, as they are thoroughly cleaned and furnished with the furnishings for every part of the house, whether carpets or carpets.
Sterilization again: and at the end; Sterilizing materials are used and poured in all parts of the house in a small amount that does not damage the furnishings and furniture, followed by the use of perfumed materials to impart a pleasant smell in all parts of the house.
Home cleaning recipes
There are some home recipes that you can rely on for cleaning the house, such as:

Use vinegar and lemon and add them to water in order to get rid of tough greasy stains.
Use baking soda and make a small paste of it and apply it to tough stains on upholstery, such as ink stains.
Relying on washing, cleaning, washing and dry cleaning devices that help in obtaining the required cleanliness of the place easily and without much effort. شركة تنظيف مساجد بالرياض
It should be noted that the uses of steam in household cleaning have become the most preferred cleaning method preferred by the majority of women. Because it helps to clean all upholstery and furniture without moving it and gives amazing levels of cleanliness.

أفضل اختياراتنا
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"تخطي عبوات محلول التنظيف ووسادات الأرضيات عند شراء ممسحة بخار ميسورة التكلفة مع وسادات تنظيف قابلة للغسل."
الأفضل للبلاط: Poulan PRO PP270 Power Steam Cleaner في Walmart
"يأخذ ملحق الممسحة البخارية هذا المنظف بالبخار من مهام التنظيف المنزلية العامة إلى مهام التنظيف الأرضية المتخصصة في أي وقت من الأوقات."
الأفضل للسجاد: Dupray NEAT Steam Cleaner في أمازون
"كل ما تحتاجه هو منظف بالبخار برأس أرضي لتنشيط السجاد والقضاء على الجراثيم والمواد المسببة للحساسية."
أفضل متعدد الأغراض: ممسحة بخار بيسيل باور فريش ليفت أوف للحيوانات الأليفة في أمازون
"نظف أي سطح بقوة البخار عند استخدام منظف بخاري قابل للتحويل مثل خيار الرفع من بيسيل."
أفضل جهاز محمول باليد: منظف بيسيل ستيم شوت ديلوكس للأسطح الصلبة في أمازون
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"يتيح لك ملحق الممسحة والوسادات المصنوعة من الألياف الدقيقة توجيه قوة البخار للأرضيات سريعة اللمعان والشعور بالنظافة الشديدة."
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"امنح مجوهراتك أو الأشياء الصغيرة الأخرى تنظيفًا سريعًا وفعالًا بمساعدة 58 PSI من البخار من هذه المكنسة المدمجة."

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