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 Post subject: exchanged, which aw
PostPosted: Dec 29, 2019 - 11:09 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~

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I want to have emotions and have my own world. Animals are actually no different from humans except they can't speak. After reading the book Sweat Mustang, I felt quite deeply. There are eight Chinese and foreign animal novels in the book, each of which is fascinating and quite enlightening. Most of these stories are very touching, and each one can give people an inspiration. I have read eight stories, and the one that has benefited me the most is the "Bear Bear Story". This story is mainly about the experience of a female bear. In a certain forest of the world, in the spring, the mother bear gave birth to a bear. The bears in the world were invisible just after they were born. Only after four weeks can it see the light. But seven weeks have passed and the bear is still invisible-it is sick. According to the beliefs of the bear clan Marlboro Lights, the female bear must find a red round berry. She-bears descended the mountain as fast as they could find in this huge forest. She didn't know that there were many traps laid out by humans in this forest that threatened it, and if she didn't pay attention, she would be killed. Eventually, she fell into a trap and lost her freedom. When he was taken to the zoo, away from the big forest, he learned that he had lost his freedom and would never see a bear again. In the end, the mother bear died of hunger strike due to extreme despair. I was very sad and angry after reading the story. There is no more sacred love in the world than maternal love. The she-bears in the book have the love of a mother, but humans divide this love so cruelly. Animals also have emotions. They have their own lives just like humans. Human beings are unclear in any way and in any sense. Human beings have no right to control them, nor do they have the right to plunder. Everything in nature is equal. Why is it so under the same blue sky? In addition to my indignation, I felt that motherhood was so great and broad. The mother bear can sacrifice everything for her own child, and ultimately at the cost of life, but nothing is exchanged, which awes me. The greatness of maternal love and the looting of humans have become a stark contrast. There are similar situations in life as in the book. Human beings often do things that nature condemns other creatures in nature, which are also our kind. On television, we often see that the rhino's body fell to one side, but the rhino's horns were missing. The white-fin dolphin endures the dual dangers of severe pollution and human hunting Newport Cigarettes Coupons... this is a human-made event. We human beings are also creatures and belong to nature. We belong to this land, and we are all inferior. "Sweathorse" gives me so much inspiration. I believe that everyone who reads it will feel something. Human behavior has done harm to nature Marlboro Gold. I sighed deeply: Stop it! Under the same blue sky, please don't kill each other anymore, let this be a wonderful home!
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