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 Post subject: venge, it seems
PostPosted: Dec 29, 2019 - 11:09 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~

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This summer, I read the book "Sweat Mustang". It shocked my soul. It made me know that in some areas, the gap between humans and animals is minimal. With a little careless distance, people may become like animals, even worse than animals. The article "Double Wicked Wolf" showed me the selfishness of humans and the unselfish Double Witched Wolf of animals. It mainly tells the story: the mountain fire forced the mule to the "I" home, and the Bai word of the mule is " "No child", "My" mother was pregnant with the child, and the father broke the legs of the mule in a rage. Later, my mother gave birth to a son, and my father knew that he was wrong. In order to make up for his own mistakes, he not only collected yam to cure the munt but also fed it daily. Muzi doesn't hold any grudges, and howls as a thank you when feeding. After a period of time, Suzi also conceived her baby, but unfortunately happened: Wolverine walked away with her brother. The mother-mouse and her husband engaged in a desperate fight with the wolf. In the end, the mother-mouse was injured, and the male-mouse fell, and the brother was saved. . The most memorable thing in the text is two pictures: one is that the father picked up a thick mule and swept over the mule's leg, the mule's left leg immediately broke and the mule in the back thanked us with a scream. And forget that we are not. Human beings have hurt a small animal because of superstition, leaving it with a lifelong disability. When we feed him something for atonement, he forgets the harm we have brought to him, and in turn thank us. This little move made me want to get up and saw a report on the Internet two days ago: the step-son hacked a 93-year-old mother. After Chao lost his biological mother at the age of 6, his father found him a stepmother. This stepmother did not have children, because she decided to dedicate all her life's love to her stepson, and raised him wholeheartedly, treated him as her own son, and regarded him as her life's love and remembrance. The son is old and the mother is old. Instead of filial piety to the mother, the son has left her to live alone in an old and old house without giving her food. One day, she burned paper to commemorate her deceased relatives. Unexpectedly, the house was ignited, and the house turned to ashes. Her body was blistered with blood, and she dragged her tired body to the step-son's house, hoping that he would take her in, and that night the step-son threw her two benches for her bed. Unexpectedly, the heartbroken stepson hurt her bad hand, cut a triple knife at the stepmother with a kitchen knife, and the stepmother fell to the ground and died. After reading this report, my whole body was shaking Marlboro Cigarettes. For his stepmother, for many years, he saved money and devoted himself, and gave it all in return. The step-son's three-knife was hacked on the stepmother's body. In fact, it was hacked on his annihilated human nature Parliament Cigarettes, and he completely shattered the goodness of others. Compared to the step-son of revenge, it seems that the mother-in-law is more worthy of the noble title of ��person��, so that we all live like a mule and live with a gratitude. Learn to be grateful, you and I will be more beautiful, learn to be grateful Marlboro Gold, you and I will be happier, learn to be grateful, and the world will be warmer!
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