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 Post subject: ved, the tears of sorro
PostPosted: Nov 12, 2019 - 11:52 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~

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The changes in the four seasons are like the rapidness of the light, and it is too late to look back. The clouds that overlook the past will only be surprised and sighed and sighed by the rush of time. In the past two years, your companion has kept me growing. You and I have been walking side by side to this day and again. Perhaps it is the agreement and persistence that we will never give up. I think I will never forget what you said to me: "Do you know what friends are doing?" "She is used to hold your hand." Perhaps it is because of the mutual grip of each other. Connected us tightly together. The warmth of your palms touched me. I ran desperately, rushing to the end of the seemingly near real distance. The wind whizzed past the ear and slammed coldly on my cheek. When I reached the end, I had fallen to the ground like a deflated ball. The teacher frowned and said: "2 minutes and 10 seconds." I was not surprised to hear this result. I have not passed the test since the 800-meter test in the physical education class Wholesale Cigarettes. After class, the teacher asked me to talk to me: "You can't pass the long-distance running. You can't do it in the long-term running of the senior high school entrance examination." Although I know that the teacher is good for me, I feel a little discouraged: I it's OK? When you saw my unconfident expression, I rushed to hold my hand and said sincerely: "You must do it! Otherwise, starting today, I will accompany you to the playground after school every day." I will go home again in the circle." I was disheartened and swiftly said, "Well, it��s a word." In this way, we run on the playground every day, which is a strange thing in the school after school. landscape. Two months later, 800 meters retested. When the teacher whistle, I flew like an arrow from the string. On the third lap, I gradually slowed down, but I remembered our efforts to leave school every day, and your shouts and cheers came from my ears. I seemed to have gained strength and restored my previous speed. Near the end, I started to sprint and rushed past the end like a gust of wind. The teacher looked at me with an incredulous look and said, "1 minute and 40 seconds. How did you do it?" I laughed and said nothing, just looking at you, you smiled and looked at me, tacit understanding. Raise your hands and I clap. You give me care and optimism Marlboro Lights, give me the strength to grow, and you use your own hand temperature to convey your concern as much as possible when I am frustrated. At that time, I was unwell and had a bad cold. It may be because I had a cold medicine. I was a little sleepy in class. Although I was hard, I still couldn��t suppress my sleepiness and I yawned. After class, the teacher called me to the office and said, "You are really awkward. I have been yawning during class. The recent results have also fallen very badly. The attitude of learning is too unreasonable..." I remembered my left hand yesterday. With a little bit of it, the right hand is still writing homework. Although my mother always advised me to take a good rest, I kept insisting until I finished my homework at 10 o'clock. I can't help but feel aggrieved, the tears of sorrow and tear in my eyes, just reluctantly let it fall. When I came out of the office, you looked at me with concern. I quickly ran over and took my hand. I said with concern: "I know that you have been working quietly, but you are not strong enough to say..." I am not willing to cry, you are just a word, let me tears. Two years ago, you and I met and told me that the words that touched me for a long time two days ago, you and I talked fiercely, but they did not give each other, but they were happy. Two minutes ago Cigarettes Online, you clasped my hands and said, "Let's cheer together." I will smile at you, and you are also convinced that in the future of your career, you will accompany me and I will continue to grow. Because after the hardships and hardships, the flower of friendship we planted will surely bear fruit.
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