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 Post subject: I attended the public
PostPosted: Mar 06, 2019 - 06:08 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~

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I attended the public welfare class of the Cultural Center Cultural Lecture Hall. This course is scheduled for the evening. There are fewer students in nature, and the lecture itself is staged. The students are generally poor. However, the flexibility of students in the classroom is relatively large. When I was in calligraphy class, I went earlier. Only the teacher and I were in the classroom. After more than ten minutes, no one went. Only the curator entered the classroom. The teacher and the curator chatted with each other and talked about the issue of relocation. "This classroom is not going to be used. I heard that I have to move to the new campus. The office also said: "These Things have to be smashed? How long will it take to decorate this! The equipment in these classrooms has to be thrown away! You can't! It can't be done, move! I heard that I moved away when I started school in the summer Carton Of Newport 100S. The curator said that for two days Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, it was time for me to go to class. Student Suqin is familiar with the teacher. She said to the teacher: "I heard that the school is going to relocate and move to the new campus. I will go see it." Next to the gym. Those far away. It��s no problem to give some classes, there are dorms and restaurants. "The teacher said that the day passed by, walking a few steps outside the gate of the Cultural Center and turning a corner. There are several shops on the edge of the commercial street. The house is demolition, clearance, and loss." There are two other people who use their horns to yell at their throats and scream: Lose money to sell, not to make money. Just a few of the street squadrons next to the street are the special patrol brigade. This special patrol brigade is also ready for demolition, what is on both sides of the gate The brand, some propaganda pictures and other subtitles have been removed, just waiting for the demolition to the early winter, and the demolition still has not moved. In November, I went to the lecture hall and asked if I would not attend class. The people in the office said: If you don't go to class, this will be relocated. In the first year Cigarettes For Sale Online, you have to move away from the twelfth lunar month. The demolition of the house has not yet moved Marlboro Lights 100S. This has changed the slogan along the street market: the big bargain at the end of the year, preferential sales, welcome to choose No, the year is over. Today is the 16th month of the first month. The demolition has not yet moved. As for when to move, I don��t know. I only know that it is impossible to move in the first year Cigarettes Marlboro.

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