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 Post subject: The city, bustling,
PostPosted: Mar 06, 2019 - 06:07 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~

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The city, bustling, hastily, is a synonym for it. In the past two weeks, the rain has been raining, and the color of the ripples has been rendered, affecting everyone. We walk in the rain, think in the rain, look forward to the rainbow in the rain, and look forward to the sunny day. Looking for, heart and mind Carton Of Newports Price, suddenly looking back, the picture we are looking for is still not appearing Cigarettes Marlboro. I can check the results of the postgraduate exams in a few days Marlboro Menthol Cigarettes. I don't know how many people are on the list. I don't know how many people are alone. I don't know how many people have already invested in the next battlefield. I vaguely remembered the pictures for a few years, carrying the bag up, stepping on the train down the south, and returning to that place, met the friends who were sympathetic, and had a lot of sadness. I don't know why it can be so calm, so calm. Soon I will enter the next journey. The sea level is so quiet, the blue waters, the flying seagulls, standing in the sand, there is a small pit under the feet, legs are squatting, in the choice of south or north. The sea is bitter and it is still a bit cold. I was thinking, it was so cold, and the sea was not frozen. Looking into the distance, the sea under the sun is so vast, and the water and the sky meet. It��s a good day, I want to go far. Yesterday at the subway station, a scene let me stop. Because of the rain, the weather was a bit cold and the wind was blowing. I went home with a shaking umbrella. At a distance of five or six meters from the subway station, I heard a cry. I walked into the street and saw a girl standing on the side of the road. The girl was facing the road and shouting with a cell phone: "I miss you." Beside me." I thought it was a child crying. No one was on the lookout, no one stayed, I looked in the direction of the girl. In the dark rain, a car flew past, the huge impact of the car and the ground rain, can not overwhelm the girl's voice, hoarse, tear. I don't know what it feels like at the end of the phone. If the child is upset because of today's business, the unexpected result is upset. The rain is cold, but it is cold, but the ice that has been frozen in the heart has been formed. Shouting in the dark, shouting boyfriend can come to his side Newport Cigarettes Types, looking forward to a hug, not to mention the faceless facelessness of the boy with the wooden, but also a thousand times warmer than the thousands of voices thousands of miles away. Maybe the girl is not only crying for this matter, crying. It is also a kind of cry for coming. For the future, the good wishes are broken unexpectedly. My boyfriend can be around and become a family in the future. At this moment in the future, I should eat Lantern at home and rely on each other. What is the "clearness" between the two, it is straightforward to ask people to look for. When the city's sunny days come, the world must always be sunny. Girls can also meet their boyfriends on a sunny day and walk towards a bright future Newport Cigarette. The sea can be colorful in the sunshine. We are shining under the clear sky.

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