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 Post subject: From the time of the
PostPosted: Feb 21, 2019 - 05:49 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~

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From the time of the ancient times to the 21st century, the Chinese nation has stood proudly in the east of the world through thousands of years of history. The ancient Chinese spiritual culture has a long history. Self-improvement Newports Cigarettes Online Cartons, courage to take responsibility, China's true color, alone and my glory.e is a cloud in "Book of Changes": "Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is self-improvement." Since the ancient Chinese emperor and emperor, he was in front of the "sacred" nature - the scorching sun, never sunburned and tenacious life; Dim light of the nation; pouring rain, never ruined the hope of the heart. In this way, in the wind, in the rain, in the dark, in countless difficulties, the Chinese nation is self-improving, and the Chinese nation, one of the "four ancient civilizations," is at the forefront of the world, opening up its own glory. . This is the history that every Chinese descendant must bear in mind. This is the history that every Chinese can tell with pride. Therefore, "self-improvement" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the descendants of the entire Chinese nation. the eight-year war of resistance, in the face of the Japanese madness of burning, looting and looting, the Chinese nation was in jeopardy. At this time Cigarette Wholesaler Price, our great Chinese nation did not choose to give up, because the four characters of "self-improvement" are printed in the national soul. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese nation united as one, and the heroic war of resistance: the 25,000-mile long march, crossing the Chishui, turning over the snow-capped mountains, crossing the grasslands, winning the Jinsha River, flying the Luding Bridge, and the Chinese nation created one after another. miracle. This is a history that can make people cry in tears. I am a self-improving Chinese nation, showing what a great Chinese character!ong ago, the story of the "Ivy" girl also tells us that the spirit handed down by this nation also affects Chinese descendants. When she first arrived abroad Marboro Cigerettes For Sale, she did not give up even in English. She did not give up, cheered up the spirit, ignited the fire in her heart, kept making progress, wrote a real and natural article, touched the examiners of many schools, and won the choice for herself. Qualifications of major universities.Mr. Lu Xun��s statement: ��You must dare to face up, and this is expected to dare to say, dare to do, dare to act Coupon For Carton Newport 100S.�� This shows that courage is one of the important parts of the Chinese national spirit. Looking back at history, since the establishment of the Xia Dynasty, the king has enjoyed his prestige and power while not forgetting his responsibility and responsibility Buy Marlboro Red Online Free Shipping. Yes, the so-called king is to manage the people who guard the entire country. For the suffering of the people, they are in their hearts; for the enemy's aggression, they are even more rebellious. Ancient kings, they cultivated their own days in compassion. But they know that they are kings, and there are very few people who choose to escape. Being brave enough to be the king is the way to the king.minds me of the most lovable people of our time who guard the soldiers of the frontiers and the soldiers who fought on the front lines. Which one is not in a harsh environment, under the critical conditions, the individual is placed outside and bravely responsible for the happiness of the people. The stability of the motherland and the prosperity and prosperity of the Chinese nation. They did not hesitate, they did not fear, they did not escape, they did not give up, they were obscured and loyal to their duties. And all of this comes from their brave heart. So, at the moment, while I am full of respect for them, I am also proud of the fact that I have such a great nation.e historical promenade, the Chinese nation is endless, and the self-improvement and courageous role of the Chinese character is more like a gleaming galaxy. Wei Wei, my Chinese nation has a long history; strong, my Chinese is brilliant!

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