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PostPosted: Sep 15, 2020 - 04:57 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~
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Thanks to more and more sophisticated techniques for making full lace wigs, it can be made so realistic that even if you are very close, you may not be able to tell them apart.
We often see public figures, may wear a human hair lace wig. CCTV news anchor, everyone should be familiar with, in order to maintain a serious and dignified image, dress style is calmer, so sometimes need to wear a human hair lace wig.
Since transparent lace wigs are so popular, today I will analyze the role of wigs!

At present, the mainstream use of headband wigs, such as to cover hair loss, medical wigs.
Non-mainstream use such as decoration, rich hair, beauty, comic wigs.

The use of wig is many, the current commonly used several categories:
1. Cover up hair loss or other hair problems
Mainstream wigs refer to traditional and practical products, such as to cover hair loss, hair extensions, hair curtains, concealing accessories -- ponytails, bangs, braids, 5 by 5 closure wig, and so on...
2. Image presentation needs, stars, and celebrities
Celebrities use honey blonde lace front wig more, from the earliest drama to today's screen, stage, the wig has undoubtedly been an important props actors modeling essential.
3. Anime wig
Comic wigs, COSPLAY as the development of non-mainstream wigs, its bold and open design, cold and fashionable, consistent with the modern personalized social needs and spiritual yearning, it is the world's synchronous popular non-mainstream wigs logo products.
4. Occupational needs
Do you know? Lawyers wear white lace wigs in court. In fact, the uniform wigs and black robes of reference are symbolic of majesty and are an indication of respect for the law.
The uniform also allows the focus to be on the trial itself rather than the fancy dress of the lawyers.
This custom originated in England when wigs spread to England, rich merchants, royal aristocracy began to wear wigs, to 1660, a lot of high and famous professions are required to wear wigs, such as lawyers.
As a result of social development, lawyers from Commonwealth countries were required to wear wigs in court. Britain brought the tradition to Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong judiciary followed the British tradition.

west kiss hair provided are widely used by many people, not only because our cheap lace front wigs are of better quality, but also because they look so real as if they had grown on their own hair! We have always been in pursuit of making good price and cheap quality wigs, come to buy today!

Supernova hair provide a variety of good quality and cheap human wigs, here you can choose the length and color of your favorite wig

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