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Never Let go ❤
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Author:  BabiThaO [ Nov 29, 2015 - 05:36 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Never Let go ❤

Cùi Mía Mập wrote:
bà Thảo, tell me more about your LASIK!!!!
because i wanna have it done tooo!!!!!! :y20:
and congrat on your engagement!!! :y17: :y17:

and i love my lasik,
if you're thinking about getting it, you should definitely get it.
me and tim got in on the same day and got our final checkup on that same day 5 hrs after surgery and see 20/15 lol

it wasn't painful at all ...nervous but not painful at all.
you can't even feel it :P

Author:  BabiThaO [ May 08, 2019 - 09:13 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Never Let go ❤

Long time I haven’t been to visit my dear beloved diary and I got all thee damn spammers
Deleted all the spam post in this nhat ky tuoi tho and also locked my diary and also deleted the spam post in here
:y13: I wonder if the old members of Tuoitho still visits Tuoitho?

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