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PostPosted: Feb 10, 2020 - 11:50 PM 
~ Bé Thơ ~
~ Bé Thơ ~

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In a few days, students will return home from colleges and universities for vacation. First, Thanksgiving, Christmas and another religious / holiday break come within a few weeks. Of course, you will be happy to bring them home again, but you have to be proactive about the other things that they may unintentionally bring with them, which is bed bugs. Bed bugs may be in the laundry they bring you to wash, in backpacks, travel bags, backpacks, purses, sports shoes, clean clothes, jackets / coats and other outdoor clothing.
سكلزات لخدمات المنزل

Before coming, have an open conversation about bed bugs at their school. Do they have any bed bugs in their bedroom or apartment? Do they know anyone in the apartment building or apartment that has trouble in bed? If yes, it is time to plan a game before they get home.
مكافحة الحشرات في ابو ظبي
What do mistakes look in bed?
They are small, about 3/16 adults, and the size of an apple seed. They are brown in color, oval in shape, flat, but change to become reddish brown, swollen, and the feeding period is long; eggs are white, about 1/32 ″, and in the form of a cigar.
Bed bugs without wings (do not fly), do not jump, and do not hide in the skin. They just crawl or run.
مكافحة الحشرات في عجمان
What is BED BG BITE BOOK like?
First, about 30% of people who have been bitten do not interact with bites. Often a small, / or slightly disturbing spot and / or itching may persist for a few days. Bed bugs are not known to carry / transmit diseases. Therefore, bites usually do not require medical attention unless the symptoms are severe or persistent.

What are the signs of bed errors?
In addition to adults and whites, reddish dark brown to reddish black spots / stool (their tube) on the mattress and furniture is a good sign. Bed bugs get rid of their old skins as they grow, so barn skins are also a sign.

How does it spread and how can I avoid taking it at home?
Be careful that:

Bed bugs are great hikers, on / in purses, bags, backpacks, shoes, clothes, etc. as mentioned above.
Ask your children to have picked up any items removed from curb or rubbish, which are great sources of bed bugs.
At home, remove the mess that makes it difficult to find and treat bed bugs. Carefully check any used furniture before buying or bringing it indoors.
As a precaution, or if your children suspect or know that they have suffered a bed or apartment dysfunction, you should do the following:
Bedding and clothes left in their room. Have them put them in a dryer or wash it and put it in a dryer (as shown below), then seal it in a clean plastic bag before they leave home.
Chaos must be removed to make inspection and treatment possible.
Items brought home from school:
Ask them to buy or send a box of heavy plastic garbage bags.
Ask them to put all clean clothes in a bag and a label.
Laundry. Have them lay eggs and colors in separate bags and name the bags according to contents.
Have them put other things (backpacks, backpacks, extra sneakers, etc.) that cannot be washed but can be put through a dryer in a separate bag and so on.
Transportation. When driving, put the plastic bags in the car and leave the bag in the apartment or apartment. In flight, put the bags in bags and / or boxes.
What do I do once I get home?
Your options are:

Washing procedures
Best. If the clothes / items are dirty:
Run clothes / materials through the dryer first as only half is loaded at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, which will kill all stages of the bed bug's life.
Run clothes / materials through the dryer first as only half is loaded at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, which will kill all stages of the bed bug's life.
In most dryers, this medium setting will be achieved. After that, the clothes / things can be washed as usual to remove dead bed bugs.
Fold and put clothes / things in clean, clean plastic bags and seal the bags.
the second choice. If the clothes or materials are contaminated with materials on which temperature is set so that washing in the future does not lead to decontamination.
The materials should be washed first.
Next, dry the wet clothes / items in a normal drying cycle (only half loads).
After that, immediately restart half of the just dried load of clothes / items with a hot, heated dryer cycle just as the clothes can withstand, but a maximum of 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, killing all stages.
Finally, fold the cleaned clothes / items, put them in clean, clean plastic bags, and seal the bags.
Heat or cold treatment of non-washable items or items:
the heat. Run the items in half loads with a hot clothes dryer so that fabrics can withstand, but at a minimum of 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, killing all stages. This works well for most of the stuffed toys, backpacks, sneakers, etc.
the cold. If freezing is appropriate or desirable, hold the items at 32 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-3 weeks in a type of non-frost freezer to kill all stages. Be sure to remove as much air as possible from the plastic bags to reduce condensation and potential damage. This is a possible alternative method for treating affected electronics. The first choice wit

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